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Global Health & Medical Mission Internship
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Location Sierra Leone
Host Institution African Christian Fellowship USA Inc.(South Region Chapters)
Program Title Global Health & Medical Mission Internship
Description Opportunity for college seniors with future career interest in medicine to participate in a medical mission internship Overseas; also, an opportunity for resident physicians, practicing physicians & nurses (including nursing students) to volunteer at African Christian Fellowship Hospital & Eye Center, Samuel Town Sierra Leone. information about the program:
Credits No credits will be awarded to participating college students; however, reference letters will be granted to students who have completed the internship upon request.
Duration Minimum of 1-2 Weeks.(excluding 2days of travel to Sierra Leone from USA)
Language There is no language requirement, but proficiency in English is a plus.
College Seniors, Resident Doctors, Practicing Physicians, Nursing Students & Nurse Practitioners
Requirements for College Applicants
  • GPA ≥ 3.0
  • Statement of Purpose 1-2 pages
  • Character Attestation Letter
Housing Hotel Accommodation (See travel guide)
Costs Participants should budget approximately $350-500 for housing, $300 for meals, and $200 for personal expenses. This estimate does not reflect current exchange rate and does not include flight expenses.
Deadline Submit a completed application 4-6mo. before program begins.
Code of Conduct Applicants are required to read the code of conduct, rules, regulations, and policies provided. All participants shall conform to the rules, policies, and standards of ACF, USA Inc. (Program Sponsors) as well as the laws of the host country.
*Immunization & other disease prevention requirements
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine (due every 10yrs.)
  • Typhoid Vaccine