Our Story

How it all started...

In 1991, a Family Fellowship comprising four Christian families in New Orleans metropolis began monthly meetings in its members' homes. It multiplied in numbers and the ministry of the Word. In 1993, it became a member of the African Christian Fellowship, USA (ACFUSA), and so was born the African Christian Fellowship, New Orleans Chapter, (ACFNOLA). African Christian Fellowship, USA, is the umbrella organization of about 3,000 members in Chapters spread across the United States and overseas with Chapters in the United Kingdom and Africa. It began in 1977 as African Christian Students Fellowship but was later changed to African Christian Fellowship, USA, to accommodate no longer students.

An organization that started with some visionary university students grown to produce some of the best Christian professionals and body of Christ in all life works. Besides the young adults, children of the organization's elder members are actively carrying on the legacy passed on to them to be earnest Christians, productive and law-abiding, and shining the light of the glory of God into the communities they live.

Expanding the vision...

African Christian Fellowship shall be a thriving Christian Community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion to mobilize and empower Africans worldwide to impact their generation and Africa.

Where we are headed...

Four Core Strategic Objectives guide the African Christian Fellowship. Each of the principles provides a framework for local, regional, national, and international program implementation.
•Reconnecting with the continent
•Building Bridges
•Building the ACF Family and Community
•Passing The Legacy

Be a part of our story...

Join us biweekly on Saturday as we gather to fellowship together at 5 00 pm (Central Time)